Save energy, time and money with LED lights.

LED's produce similar light output to traditional incandescent and halogen lamps and use much less energy.
Incandescent and halogen lamps waste most of the energy they use as heat when they produce light. At The Lobster Shack we only recommend LED lamps for our products. Although incandescent and halogen units can be fitted.

LED's are comparable to the most efficient technologies available and even though more expensive initially will save money and time over their lifetime as they have a long lifetime, use very little energy and do not require regular replacement like halogen lamps.

Brightness (think lumens, not Watts)

When buying new LEDs, you should check the lumen output of each LED lamp or fitting to make sure you obtain the brightness you need. Lumens, which are a measure of total light output, should be listed on the product packaging. Higher lumens mean brighter light. The following comparison chart will help you find a suitable replacement.

This information has been taken from the Lighting Council Australia website. Lighting Council Australia is the peak body for Australia’s lighting industry. Its members include manufacturers and suppliers of luminaires, lighting control devices, lamps, solid state (LED) lighting and associated technologies. Lighting Council’s goal is to encourage the use of environmentally appropriate, energy efficient, quality lighting systems. Refer to http://www.lightingcouncil.com.au/ - for more information.