Single Cane and Galvanised Steel. Standard size and shape lobster Pots. Can be used for Decoration or Fishing. Pendant lights, Wall Hangings etc. Approx. 580mm Diameter x 320mm Depth with a 180mm Diameter neck. See our online shop for pricing details Typically prices from $80 for a cane and reinforced steel fishing pot. All fisheries legal with regulation escape gaps.
Cane fishing Lobster pot design. Steel and Cane upper body Galvanised Steel. Hard wearing. The lobsters are attracted more to the cane, it's easier for them to climb over and leads the Lobster into the neck. It has the feel of a full cane pot but the strength of steel. Standard size. Approx. 580mm dia. 320mm deep. All state approved legal options, for peace of mind. stand alone trap from $80.

Bait bags & Float with rope are available. From $15, anodes are fitted.

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4mm Lobster/Crayfish trap
Standard size 58cm diameter x 30cm deep. Other sizes are available on request